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Beginning Teacher Talk: A Podcast for New Elementary Teachers

Apr 28, 2021

If you're a new teacher and you're concerned about how to develop positive relationships with parents (even when you're struggling with imposter syndrome - like I did), you're going to love these 5 simple things you can set up from the start of the school year to make a great first impression with parents!

Show Notes:

Apr 21, 2021

If you're feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and you're having a hard time being creative and finding ways to get and keep your students engaged, grab your favorite sparkly gel pen and get ready to take loads of notes. I'm going to share all the goodies - practical, time-and-classroom-tested tips, tricks, and...

Apr 14, 2021

If you're a student teacher or an elementary teacher in your first years of teaching and you're struggling with classroom management, let's talk about the common mistakes so many of us make when it comes to managing our classrooms in the first few years and how you can prevent them!

Show Notes:

Apr 7, 2021

If you're a new teacher in your first years of teaching (or if you're a student teacher) who's struggling with confidence, you're in for such a treat! Inside this episode, you'll learn game-changing strategies that have made a world of difference in boosting my own confidence that you can apply to your life...