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Beginning Teacher Talk: A Podcast for New Elementary Teachers

Feb 24, 2021

If you're a substitute or supply teacher and you're looking for some great ideas for how to keep the students engaged and manage the class more effectively, you're going to love this! Let's go for a walk and talk about my top 11 tips for substitute and supply teachers.

Show Notes:

Feb 17, 2021

Whether you're student teaching in-person or online, there's a lot to think about and to learn as you learn the skills you need to become the teacher you've always dreamed of being. Inside this episode, I share the 4 keys to success as a student teacher based on supporting (and evaluating) hundreds of student...

Feb 10, 2021

You might be surprised to learn that the level of success of our classroom management system is directly tied to how we use our voice inside our classroom. Learn what my students taught me over 10 years of classroom teaching about how to use my voice powerfully and effectively to help manage my classroom peacefully...

Feb 3, 2021

When I tutored an adorable, 6-year-old student named Doris in Hong Kong more than 20 years ago, I never could have imagined that we would still be connected on FB all these years later - but even more so, what she would teach me about becoming a teacher (long before I earned my degree).

Show Notes: